Our Doctors of Chiropractic

Our Doctors of Chiropractic are all trained to the highest of International Standards and have large practice experience in England and abroad. They are all registered with the General Chiropractic Council, the regulatory Government Body, which protects and maintains the high standards of the Chiropractic Profession. The BritChiro team counts over 30 members including secretarial, admin and management personnel. All of the practitioners listed below are Doctors of Chiropractic (as opposed to Doctors of Medicine).

Dr Peter Westergaard

Dr Peter S Westergaard, Founder of BritChiro Clinics, completed his pre-clinical studies at the University of Odense in Denmark, then studied four years at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic followed by a post-graduate year of full-time practice and studies at the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics in Denmark. On graduation he built a strong practice in Denmark. He then decided to move to Britain with the challenging aim of achieving a high status for Chiropractic here, as is the case in Denmark. He is a well known figure in the Chiropractic profession in both England and abroad - also inspiring Chiropractic university students in Denmark, England & Australia, in the capacity of external lecturer.

Peter is married and has two daughters who are both enthusiastic Chiropractic patients.

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Dr Charlene Warnell

Dr Charlene Warnell, who is from Canada, graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic. Before moving to England Charlene graduated from Saint Mary's University in Halifax with a degree in both Psychology and English. Charlene, who was a competitive gymnast, first encountered the power of Chiropractic many years ago when she, after suffering an injury to her shoulder, was successfully treated by a Chiropractor. The natural philosophy and effective treatment techniques behind Chiropractic practice inspired her to become a part of this dynamic profession. Dr Warnell has a special interest in treating and optimising the performance of sports men and women.

Charlene is married and is the mother of two young children.

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Dr Phillip Mitchell

Dr Damien O’Dwyer studied for his Masters Degree in Chiropractic at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, where he graduated with the prize for the Most Holistic Practitioner. For several years Damien ran a very popular practice in BritChiro’s New Milton clinic, whilst also teaching 5th year Chiropractic students as a clinic tutor at the AECC. Damien then returned to Australia for a couple of years where he worked within a leading group of clinics in New South Wales. Missing England Damien and his wife have now returned to the Bournemouth area they love. Dr O’Dwyer is an award-winning medical researcher with a PhD in immunology and endocrinology. Additionally, Dr O’Dwyer is the only Doctor of Chiropractic in Dorset and Hampshire with an Activator Methods Advanced Proficiency Rating.

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Dr Sheena Si

Dr Sheena Si graduated from the AECC with a Master’s Degree in chiropractic. Sheena’s approach to chiropractic care combines a strong belief in the value of achieving early spinal health with promoting physical and nutritional well-being.

Dr Sheena Si’s faith in Chiropractic stems from childhood when Chiropractic helped her recover from several injuries sustained through many years of taekwondo at a competitive black-belt level. Sheena is supremely placed to understand and treat sporting injuries and finds seeing her athletic patients return to their optimal performance one of the most rewarding aspects of her professional work.

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Dr James Bennett

Dr James Bennett has a Masters Degree in Chiropractic from the European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences. His professional career has involved Chiropractic consultancy in Cuba and private practice in London. He is enthusiastic to be a part of the BritChiro Clinics team as he is a strong advocate of BritChiro Clinics’ philosophy of treating the cause of a problem, not the symptoms. A keen rugby player and golfer himself, he has a strong interest in treating and optimising the performance of sports men and women. Dr Bennett has undertaken the Professional Golfer's Association (PGA) Healthcare Provider training.

James is a family man with a wife and two active young children.

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Dr Shelley Irving

Dr Shelley Irving has a Masters degree in chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and has also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in chiropractic practice and a Diploma in Chiropractic Paediatrics. During her time in private practice Dr Irving has developed a strong vitalistic chiropractic philosophy, aiming to treat a wide range of health issues in people of all ages, while respecting the body’s ability to heal, grow and thrive. She takes a special interest in the treatment of chronic complaints and the prevention of neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders through patient education. Shelley continues to spend a great deal of her free time expanding her scope of practice, especially in the field of treatment technique and nutrition and has recently begun lecturing at Chiropractic seminars.

In addition to being a member of the British Chiropractic Association, Dr Irving is also a member of the European Chiropractors Union, SOTO Europe and The College of Chiropractors.

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Dr Morten Westergaard

Dr Morten Westergaard has a Masters Degree in Chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. He has consulted in Norway and has extensive practice experience in England. He is a well respected figure within the Sussex community due to the large number of patients he has successfully treated. Morten has a keen interest in the treatment of neck pain, headaches and migraine, knee and foot problems. A family man with three young children he is proactive in ensuring that Chiropractic treatment is becoming more and more well known for its' primary role in health care for the whole family due to its ability to correct a wide spectre of health problems and conditions and is proud of the fact that BritChiro Clinics has become a first stop for many families' health care. A keen golfer himself, Morten has undertaken the Professional Golfer's Association (PGA) Healthcare Provider training.

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Dr Clare Cullen

Dr Clare Cullen graduated from the University of Surrey with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic. Before joining BritChiro Clinics she was practising in Guildford where she treated a large number of pregnant women and children. Pregnancy and Birth can often be a traumatic time for the spine for both Mother and Child and Dr Cullen, a mother of two herself, has helped many patients with related problems. The techniques used are modified for pregnant women and children and are both safe and effective. Through many years of practice in BritChiro's Surrey branch, Dr Cullen has established an excellent working relationship with local GPs.

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Dr Philip Mitchell

Dr Philip Mitchell graduated with first class honours from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and has extensive clinical experience having consulted in busy clinics in Singapore, Bristol, Monmouth and BritChiro's Bournemouth branch. He now consults in our Horsham and Horley clinics having settled in the area with his wife and two young sons.

Phil first had treatment as a 14 year old for a recurring knee complaint and has been having regular adjustments to keep well ever since. Phil was delighted to be given the opportunity to join the BritChiro team as he is a firm believer in achieving optimum health through optimising function. Having played semi-professional football, Phil understands the stresses placed on the body by high level sports and the huge benefits chiropractic adjustments can give to performance.

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Dr Robert Viney

Dr Robert Viney graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic with a 5-year Master of Chiropractic degree. Prior to this Robert completed a separate 3-year degree in Sports Science. He now consults between the Westbourne and New Milton clinics, helping the local population regain their health and stay well.

His first contact with the healing power of chiropractic came when his father was treated for a serious back problem many years ago. Ever since then he has been fascinated by Chiropractic care's ability to optimise performance. Robert is a keen sportsman, playing both cricket and football at a high level, which has given him a personal understanding of how the body functions under pressure. This insight helps him to give his patients the highest quality of care whether or not they are sports people. Robert is married to a paediatric physiotherapist.

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Dr Patrick Thomas

Dr Patrick Thomas graduated with a Masters degree from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic. He was introduced to Chiropractic treatment after suffering a lengthy ankle injury that failed to heal. A Chiropractic examination of the pelvis and low back revealed being the source of the problem, despite the lack of pain in those areas! Dr Thomas also holds a Bachelor degree in Sport from Durham University and is a keen endurance sportsman himself, having recently been team medic on board a six man ocean rowing boat, setting a new world record by becoming the quickest team to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Along with staying active and a good diet, Dr Thomas considers optimal spinal function as fundamental to good health.

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Practice Group Manager

Karena Westergaard

Karena Westergaard, our Practice Group Manager, is responsible for overseeing BritChiro's aim that every patient has a highly personalized professional experience on every visit. Karena has a degree in economics and social sciences and over fifteen years experience in private healthcare management. An avid chiropractic patient, Karena is passionate about Chiropractic and heads our team of nineteen Clinic Assistants & Administration staff, in addition to overseeing the BritChiro Group's marketing & recruitment in between her busy life as wife and mother of two daughters.

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